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At Mauser Packaging Solutions we not only manufacture, but also collect, recondition for re-use or recycle empty used industrial packaging. This is what we call the MAUSER ECO-CYCLE® concept. We make drums and IBCs reusable for the benefit of the environment, and our customer’s ecological footprint.

Our outstanding services include:




Fleet Management

Reconditioned IBCs and drums have far smaller carbon footprints, helping to reduce your company’s environmental impact while still reliably delivering safe results. Our global recovery and reconditoning network provides a steady supply of high-quality reconditioned IBCs and drums.

Global collection program with local & customized solutions for industrial packaging.

Your drums and IBC’s will be reconditioned or recycled for raw material.

Our collection program reduces your CO2 footprint.

Your partner for all types and brands.

Mauser Packaging Solutions Collection Program

You Call, We Collect.

  • Global, easy, fast, safe industrial packaging return/collection program
  • Hassle-free collection of all IBC brands
  • Modern, transparent grading and traceability
  • Bundling capabilty for different packaging types
  • Competence in handling dangerous goods
  • Transparent communication with return conditions
  • Customized recollection solutions; fleet management

IBC Reconditioning

To help you get more out of your IBCs, Mauser Packaging Solutions offers a variety of services.

Rebottled IBC

  • New bottle, used cage and pallet
  • Highest standard of safety
  • Wide portfolio range
  • High-quality, semi-automated processes

Washed IBC

  • Reconditioning System to determine whether an IBC can be washed
  • Used IBC cleaning system
  • UN IBC available
  • Final inspection of each IBC
  • Small repairs with original spare parts are possible

Laundry IBC

  • Used, empty IBCs collected from customers for rebottling or washing and returned to them ready for use
  • Customers retain ownership throughout the process
  • Lowers the risk of cross-contaminabon
  • Sustainable and cost-efficient

Drum Reconditioning

Reconditioned drums from Mauser Packaging Solutions have a much smaller carbon footprint than new drums, reducing your company’s environmental impact while safely transporting your products to their destination. In one year, Mauser Packaging Solutions reconditions over 10 million drums.

Reconditioned drums are extremely versatile, and available in a multitude of styles to suit all of your packaging needs:

  • UN and non-UN
  • Open and closed tops
  • Various sizes, colours, and closure options
  • Aseptic poly liners for food-grade applications
  • Agitators and side fittings

Fleet Management

We offer the logistics systems and expertise needed to manage your container fleet.

  • Fleet Management
    Mauser Packaging Solutions provides comprehensive fleet management systems for stainless steel and plastic IBCs.
  • Cleaning and Repair
    Our fleet management systems include fleet cleaning, testing and repair.
  • Return Logistics
    Logistics experts ensure fast and efficient delivery and pick-up of empty or filled units.
  • Tracking and Tracing
    Web-based management tools offer customers extensive options for tracking their shipments, as well as the actual locations and statuses of each IBC. In addition, customers can call up individual reports and manage specification types, test reports, and other technical documents from a central source.

¹) PCR content related to weight ratio of PCR material incorporated vs. total weight of plastic material used.
²) Per “Life Cycle Analysis of industrial packaging solutions of MAUSER Group” and related EDS software tool by BECO Group Rotterdam, July 2010, supported by SimaPro 7.2 software using the method ReCiPe and the Ecoinvent 2.2 database (2010), according to ISO 14040-44.